Performing Music from Zimbabwe and Latin America

Masanga Members:
Ric Alviso (Professor Ric)
Monica Bowser (The Singer)
Deanna Hudgins (Stamina D)
Risa Isogawa (Taiko Risa)
Joel Mankey (The Monkey)
Scott Murphy (Tiny)
Nick Schutz (Nick Spitz)
Alex Smith (Drummer Man)
Stefani Thomas (That Girl!)
and Bethany Spielman 


Waka Waka, from our newest Record, "Shvakanaka"

Upcoming Shows!

  • Jul 7
    Bay Area Tour- Off the Grid, 
  • Jul 8
    Bay Area Tour- Children's Discovery Museum, 
  • Jul 9
    Bay Area Tour- Stonestown Farmer's Market, 
  • Jul 23
    Sawdust Festival,  Laguna Beach
  • Jul 29
    Private Party, 

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